* Bugfix: Ticket #703: Parental Control without icon for bouquets.
* Bugfix: Ticket #710: DHCP doesn’t work in u-boot when there isn’t the siaddr parameter.
* Bugfix: Ticket #563: OSD screenshot from WebInterface doesn’t work.
* Bugfix: Ticket #709: Upgrade terrestrial.xml with new transponders (Belgium and Copenhagen).
* Bugfix: Ticket #708: Upgrade satellite.xml with new transponders.
* Bugfix: Ticket #591: Crash with big jpeg pictures ( >= 1.5MB) in Media Player. (if >= 1.5MB, it is showed stretched).
* Bugfix: Fixed some Skin bugs and Greek Language.
* Bugfix: Ticket #713: Sometimes there isn’t stream from DVB-T.
* Bugfix: Fixed a minor bug in lcd driver.
* Enhancement: Create a ramdisk with video images.

MD5 checksum: 3069b9f1583b504aa455205385e016b8

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