DMM Dream Elite 2.0 Beta for DM500HD

Enigma2 CVS date

Drivers date

Second Stage

Main Functions

Button OKx1 = Infobar Light
Button OKx2 = Infobar Extra

Button Blue = Dream Elite Manager
Button Blue x2 = Dream Elite Addons Manager
Button Blue-Long-Push = Extensions
Button Blue+Yellow = script Executer
Button Blue+Green = Url Cript

Button Red = Start Record

Button Yellow = Time Shift

Button Green-Long Push = Plugins Browser
Button Green+Red = Extensions Management

Dedicated Addons Server
Download and install additional packages from DE

This Images doesn't contain any keys & softcams.
Backups or other modified Images are not supported. It's recommended the Flash install

DMM Dream Elite 2.0 Beta for DM500HD Screenshot

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