New amendment: GeMini4.60 knife Yads-Persian5 and CCcam2.2.1 fixed web x tv

peace and mercy of God

Modified on the top of the speed and beauty, seen through the reform of the browser
Amendments made to the image as follows:

* Keep the image of the original take-off
* Hdv dreaded virus is valid for devices counterfeit
* Add Arabic calligraphy fonts and zooming
* Change the original knife knife Yads-Persian5
* Hdv all languages ​​while retaining the English
And the addition of Arabic language and the possibility of downloading the French server is
* Additions to four servers to download the additions and Albloginat
* Add file Ahdt frequencies and solve the problem of channels sky italia
* Fix problem seen through the browser fixed web x tv
* Add file to solve the problem Grab discernible screen shot of the browser
* Possibility of changing the display channels by pressing the Help button and then ok
* Merge emo CCcam2.2.1 to run automatically after the download is
* Merge Blogin Minicat Key to update the codes of the net
* Merge Blogin CCcamInfo to follow up the case of the server
* Merge Blogin EcmInfo to follow up the case of a server and Hops
* Merge Blogin Nagrab Dreambox to record from a computer
* Merge Blogin Signal Quality to see the signal strength

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I leave you with pictures of saccharin-shot

Good luck and greetings to all