LS E2 Images OE1.6 #2011-05-15

Branch = Experimental (2.8.1)
Distro-Opendreambox (GIT) = OE1.6
Kernel = 2.6.18-7.4 (2.6.32-1.3 solo 7025)

Enigma2 = 20110509 experimental (mod by Linsat Team)
Plugins = 20110515
Dvb-modules = 20110506
Secondstage 83

Updates since the last public img:

  • + enigma2 update
  • + enigma2-plugins update
  • + dvb-modules update
  • + Crossepg update
  • + Satellites.xml update
  • + ItalySat DTT plugin (no 500hd)
  • + DVDcontroller update (solo 8000)

Info generali:

  • LS EXTRA PANEL (accesso via pressione prolungata tasto MENU)
  • OPENVPN (modulo tun compreso) attivabile via script
  • SMARGO abilitato nel kernel (moduli pl2303, ftdi-sio, usbserial compresi)
  • OPKG Gestione estensioni online abilitato
  • SYMLINK utili già presenti
  • PASSWORD abilitata

List characteristics of the LS img: old thread, we limit ourselves only to remember those who have contributed directly or indirectly:

  • Ronaldd for the sources of his "Emumanager" el ' "expert-tuner infobar"
  • Lukkino For OpenTV LoadEPG and translation dictionary
  • Skaman for CrossEPG
  • PLi Team for the indication of the orbital position in the skin for the menu and remote control for the "BitrateViewer"
  • AliAbdul for the "Scriptexecuter" for the "CCcaminfo" and the "Number channel in the bouquet"
  • Dreg for tuxcom E2
  • Reinha@rd for the satellites.xml updated
  • Vali for advanced frequency info
  • ritZmo and oozoon for PipZap
  • Ferbius and Power for the alternative skins

Thx to LS Team